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For English speaking users
Rules for VIP-clients

Version of the rules № 5* from may 19, 2010

Promotion of the users.

1. The status of VIP-user is the promotion of active users of the site.
2. Status gives the possibility to get access to the VIP section, and also offers other rights, which are deprived of the other users of the site.

The procedure for entry in the VIP.

1. For entry into the VIP should be published on the website of not less than 20 news in the General section of the volume of not less than 100 pages each.

2. Accepted the news with only book editions (Books, Magazines, Foreign books). Pictures, Photos, Amateur and this may not taken into account.

3. Все материалы должны иметь полную структуру, то есть наличие всех страниц, без обрезок и повреждений.
All materials must have a complete structure, that is, that all the pages without clipping and damage.

4. All this news should be estimated not less than 5 times the mark "5". 5 times is more 2 the administrator, the author of + 2 any other user. If the news is less than 5 votes, it is unlikely to be counted. Need it to ensure that after the publishing news some time passed, and there was no misunderstanding.

5. All this news should have a plate "Choice of the administration", which is shown below.

The choice of the administration
Who moderated the news, for example, denisik

6. In the classification of receipt of VIP in publications are only scanned images and layouts, not photographs.
7. If the news in a period of three days was not properly documented by the user, and was subsequently edited by the administrator or the moderator, it is not going to settle get a VIP.

Other ways of the introduction.

1. For entry into the VIP it is necessary to publish 3 materials of no less than 150 pages each, which else are not represented in the Internet. If this is the books and other printed materials - it should be high-quality scanned images or layout. If it is other kinds of materials - quality must comply with. To the news must meet the same requirements for the evaluation and availability of the plate, as in paragraph II. The procedure for entry in the VIP.

2. There are no other methods of entry into the VIP.

The responsibilities of the VIP.

1. VIP must not distribute the materials from the VIP section in the Internet.

2. VIP are required to confirm its status as the manifestation of the activity on the site, for example, publish not less than 1 news in the month.

VIP materials.

1. VIP materials - materials that are not published more than anywhere else on the Internet.

Publishig news (English help)

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